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People in the City. People who love sharing moments. People who love feeling at home. People who look for reliable people. People who like to be guided and advised in a professional way. These are the people we reach with every little piece of work we do. The people who own and work for the Companies we call clients.

But let's talk about us. Because this section is precisely ABOUT US. We always try to do our very best to please our clients and to make their stay as pleasant as possible. Something else that makes us reliable is our focus on developing a clear strategy and finding solutions for what people in your business need.

Trust is something that is hard to earn and yet so easily lost. Without responsibility there is no trust. At People in the City we want to show our commitment to the very highest level of service and customer care. You can count on us!

Our goal is to exceed
your expetactions



  • Lucila Di Leo
    Communication and
    Design Manager

  • Juan Fermín Larralde
    Real Estate Manager
    CPI 2251

Relocation Consultants

Gran Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires city



It's all about people. The real help for you


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